Connected Homes.

Connected Homes is a collaborative research project between Wikihouse, Arup, The Building Centre and Future Cities Catapult

This films are made to accompany the construction and exhibition of Wikihouse 4.0 for the London Design Festival, and explores themes of innovation in the provision of housing.

Topics include: Crisis, Fabrication, Timber homes & Emerging models. Wikihouse links the so-called third industrial revolution to Britain’s housing crisis and the film explores associated themes of localised production, carbon efficient building, localism, land markets, new business models and material innovation.

If we can enable citizens to design and build what’s preventing us from building? Access to land? Planning permissions? Building regulations? What if these processes were redesigned as services, services for people and communities to access?

Watch our videos to explore how our connected future might impact how we build homes.

Claire Mookerjee
Claire Mookerjee

I'm the Project Lead for Urbanism at the Future Cities Catapult.