Connected Homes: Timber Homes

(Connected Homes is a collaborative research project between Wikihouse, Arup, The Building Centre and Future Cities Catapult.)

This film is made to accompany the construction and exhibition of Wikihouse 4.0 for the London Design Festival, it explores the self-build of a cross-laminated timber home in Bermondsey, London.

"So in a way a lot of the work is done on the drawing board or on the computer screen in terms of sorting out the relationship between the different pieces. Then it turns up like a giant lego kit” - Martin Williams, Hampson Williams Architects

Exploring The Future of Housing - Pt.3 from Future Cities Catapult on Vimeo.

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Claire Mookerjee
Claire Mookerjee

I'm the Project Lead for Urbanism at the Future Cities Catapult.