Connected Homes: Emerging Models

(Connected Homes is a collaborative research project between Wikihouse, Arup, The Building Centre and Future Cities Catapult.)

This film is made to accompany the construction and exhibition of Wikihouse 4.0 for the London Design Festival, here we explore some of the emergent models around community, self-build, and custom-build.

“So as part of the planning permission we create what we call plot design codes. So for each plot there are a small number of rules you have to comply with. So there’s a consistency between the different homes. But people always bring something of themselves to the homes.” - Chris Brown, Igloo

Exploring The Future of Housing - Pt.4 from Future Cities Catapult on Vimeo.

Claire Mookerjee
Claire Mookerjee

I'm the Project Lead for Urbanism at the Future Cities Catapult.