Connected Cyclists: Speculative prototyping

New User Experiences for cyclists is the first in a series of speculative design films from the Future Cities Catapult.

The film contains five sketch prototypes of potential new cycling experiences based on existing or near-future technologies. These were conceived in response to challenges such as wayfinding, safety or air quality. We describe the individual ideas in more detail here.

Read about the thinking behind each prototype and about our research process.

We posed the question, what could a cycle path be? Could we create or augment a cycle path with connected technologies? The film explores these questions in relation to the existing cycling infrastructure of London in 2015.

There are already many researchers, innovators and companies working on this challenge in the UK: for example, Tom Armitage’s Colomba 'homing device' for London’s cycle share scheme, guiding cyclists to the nearest available docking station; or Blaze and their 'Laserlight' product which makes cyclists more visible on the road.

We want to hear from more of you developing research and solutions. Do get in touch via twitter @futurecitiescat or @clairemookerjee

Claire Mookerjee
Claire Mookerjee

I'm the Project Lead for Urbanism at the Future Cities Catapult.